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Northstar Systembuilt

Northstar Systembuilt was founded in 1995 in the city of Marshall, MN. Starting off as a family-owned business, Northstar was built up on good old-fashioned quality and personalized service. While the business has now grown to a thriving and well-recognized manufacturer of modular homes, these attributes have not been compromised. To facilitate further growth of Northstar, we relocated our manufacturing facility to Redwood Falls, MN in 2013 into a large modern factory. 

Our stringent quality control program assures you of a finely finished state-of-the art building. With our tremendous buying power and consolidated ordering system, we are able to pass on huge savings to yourself, offering you a quick, hassle-free, cost-effective realization of your building ambitions. We endeavor to take every interest in your particular needs to enable us to tailor a solution that not only meets, but exceeds them. Our creativity and flexibility in design have made us the preferred supplier to many clients.


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Come and see for yourself! It's amazing...yes even our employees think so! Do you know why? We build dreams, no not literally...but we build houses in a factory to fulfill our clients dreams. It's crazy fun, come and watch us in action...

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