Double Hung


The Platinum Series standard windows are energy-efficient Double-Hung windows from Thermo-Tech.

  • Top and bottom sashes tilt in for ease of cleaning.
  • Flush mounted tilt latches.
  • Smooth gliding balance system uses constant force coil that needs no adjusting and little or no maintenance.
  • Die-cast lock and keeper hardware draws in the sash for secure and weather tight locking.
  • Slope sill directs water runoff even in a driving rain.
  • Dual weather-stripped interlocks at the meeting rail and double layered weather-stripping on the sashes maximize resistance to air, water and dust infiltration.

Thermo-Tech Interior/Exterior Window Color Options

Platinum Series Upgrade Windows


The Platinum Series upgrade windows are energy-efficient Double-Hung windows from Gerkin.

  • Triple Weatherstripping: The 4800 sash and interlock have triple weatherstripping providing for a very tight window.
  • Patented Jamb Design: Our "Candy Cane" jamb design allows a full jamb-to-jamb interlock and equal dimensional sashes with a clean traditional appearance.
  • One Piece Sloped Sill: Our double hung utilizes a fully sloped, weepless sill design. This provides for excellent drainage and air infiltration performance. Die-cast lock and keeper hardware draws in the sash for secure and weather tight locking.
  • Slimline beveled frame appearance and equal lite sash offers maximum open viewing.
  • Aluminum Reinforcement: Both sashes are reinforced with extruded aluminum stiffeners around the full perimeter of the sash. The sill is also reinforced with an aluminum stiffener.

Gerkin Interior/Exterior Window Color Options


Another Platinum Series upgrade option for windows are fiberglass windows from Pella.

  • Commercial grade strength and performance.15
  • Exclusive cam-action lock design improves the security of the window and creates a stronger seal.
  • Sashes tilt in, allowing you to easily clean the exterior of your windows from inside your home.
  • The durable powder-coat finish resists chalking, fading and scratching.

Pella Interior/Exterior Window Color Options

Window Grille Options

Other Window/Door Options

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