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Transport…the final journey for your house to become the home of your dreams. Using specialized contractors your house is moved onto your lot. It is then placed into position on your basement or footings using a large crane. Alternatively, in some instances, it can be rolled into position utilizing a custom designed system to do so as you can see in some of these photos below. The modules are then set together and the roof stitched up so that the whole house is quickly made water tight. After this the finish crew can move in to do the final internal and external finish between each module. Browse a few of our projects below…

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If you don't find a floor plan that you like, contact us with your ideas - we are here to build your dream home exactly as you want it! Just as artists use talent to transform a blank canvas into a work of their own, our team at Northstar uses a combination of skill and passion to transform a floor plan into the home of your dreams....

Custom Floor Plans
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