Why Modular

“Why should I build modular – what’s in it for me?” “What is better about modular versus stick built or manufactured homes?” “Can you build my floor plan using your modular construction system?”

These are all common questions people starting a home building journey wonder – and we’re glad you asked! Nothing builds confidence like confidence itself, and we understand that building your dream home requires many different decisions. We want to make your decisions easier and give you the confidence in our customized, modular design process for a “just as you pictured it” end result – your dream home.



Modular vs Others

Why We Choose Modular

Fast Delivery

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Modular construction projects are completed and ready for use long before site-built construction projects. Because modular buildings are built indoors, weather delays aren’t an issue. While the site is prepared, the modular buildings are being constructed. Parallel versus sequential construction means quicker occupancy!

Highest Quality

Home Delivery

Modular buildings cost less to build but appreciate in value just as fast as site-built. Because they’re constructed in a quality controlled environment with superior project supervision, modular buildings don’t suffer weather-related damages (such as warped wood or wet drywall), which means fewer surprises and repairs later on.


Home on Blocks

Modular construction has far less negative environmental impact than conventional building, as there is a significant reduction in material waste, air/water pollution, and dust and noise. There is also less traffic to and from the site and much less time spent on-site. The methods and materials used in modular construction allow the buildings to be deconstructed and set up at another location if need be, making complete recycle/reuse possible! Being constructed in a controlled and efficient factory environment makes it easier to implement and monitor new building technologies and improved construction practices.

Custom Plans & Features

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Modular building is flexible, and the plans are highly-customizable. If you already have plans for your construction project, we can convert them to modular. Alternatively, we can help you design plans to suit your every need and want. Modular buildings offer similar features as site-built buildings, including the latest architectural design, top-of-the-line inclusions, and energy efficiency...except they’re less expensive to build and can be delivered faster! Contact us about your project and we’ll show you how you can save on construction costs, build with higher quality and complete your building project faster.

Cost Effective

Our professional tradesmen work on several buildings at the same time, allowing us to make the most of our labor resources, passing the cost savings on to you.

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