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Toasty Warm…

Awww, there is nothing like a cozy fire on a cold winter day!  Northstar Systembuilt provides many options of mantles, stone and fireplace types.  Check them out, and browse our galleries to see photos of fireplace examples. 


Fireplace Options

  • Heat & Glo Simplifire

    Electric Fireplace
    100% efficient
    Ambiance with or without heat
    LED flame technology
    Remote Control
  • Simplifire Allusion

    Electric Fireplace
    Both embers and flames can change color for complete customization
    Ambiance with or without heat
    100% efficient and adjustable heat for low running costs
  • Heatilator MDV3732 Direct Vent

    Gas Fireplace
    Blower and remote control
    Adjustable flame height
    IntelliFire ignition with battery back-up
    ANSI-compliant firescreen for protection
  • Heatilator Rave Direct Vent

    Gas Fireplace
    42" Wide viewing area
    Many options such as convex or flat front, and different interior finishes available
    Optional heat management system allows for TV to be placed as close as 12" away

  • Heatilator SC60

    Heatilator SC60

    Wood Fireplace
    Blower to move heat
    Fully insulated fire box
    36" wide viewing area
    Optional bi-fold glass doors or air-tight cabinet doors
    With 1/2 log, barnwood or trad. shelf mantles only

  • Heatilator Constitution

    Wood Fireplace
    Precision start up and air control
    Heats 1,000-2,600 sq. feet of space with a 10 hour burn time for each load of wood.
    EPA Phase II compliant

Mantle Options (Can be painted or stained to match door color.)

  • Barnwood

  • 1/2 Log

    Available in Clear Finish Only
  • Traditional Shelf

    MDF or Oak
  • kenwood_wall_marron-brown


    Oak or Maple
    Cannot be used with wood burning fireplace.
  • Wescott Mantel


    Painted MDF only
    Cannot be used with wood burning fireplace.
  • Battlefield Mantel


    MDF, Maple or Knotty Alder
    Cannot be used with wood burning fireplace.
  • Hastings

    MDF, Oak, Maple or Knotty Alder
    Cannot be used with wood burning fireplace.

Stone Surround Options

  • Absolute-Black-Granite

    Absolute Black Granite

  • Green-Granite

    Green Granite

  • Caledonian-Granite

    Caledonian Granite

  • New-Venetian-Granite

    New Venetian Granite

  • Tan-Brown-Granite

    Tan Brown Granite

  • Wheatfield-Granite

    Wheatfield Granite

  • slate


  • Beige-Marble

    Beige Marble

  • Marron-Brown-Marble

    Marron Brown Marble

Versetta Stone

  • Mission-Point

    Mission Point

  • Plum-Creek

    Plum Creek

  • Sterling


Additional Options

  • TV-Bracket-Side-View

    Adjustable TV Bracket

Inspire, Dream, Imagine

You know when you drive through those stunning ritzy neighborhoods, you see amazing houses and you dream of what your new home is going to look like? We have 100's of photos on our website for you to browse! Check out our work without leaving the comfort of your home! Imagine what you would like your home to be like, and get inspiration from our photos....we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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