Northstar Systembuilt

Northstar Systembuilt – the name itself speaks of our passion for building in a systematic, controlled environment while being broadminded in our approach to customizing each individual project to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our team literally thinks “outside the box”, allowing us to take basic plans and create custom homes with curb appeal and without a hint of being built offsite – “cookie cutter template” is not acceptable in our company. Whilst many other manufacturers build modular and HUD homes in their factories, Northstar exclusively builds modular homes, resulting in a higher quality home. You will soon appreciate our favorite slogan, Luxury is Affordable!

We pinpoint two specific interests of each homeowner – quality and customization – and build both points into every project. We aren’t just building modules to stack together onsite – we are building homes, and because of this each project is named after the homeowner it is being built for, giving our whole facility a personal link with the family that will make this house their dream home. Quality is built into each home from the outside in with brands you can have confidence in – GAF, Certainteed, Vector, Sherwin-Williams, Congoleum, Shaw, Moen, MidContinent, GE, and AO Smith just to name a few. Customization is equally important to us – if you want your great-grandmother’s claw foot tub installed as the focal point of your master bathroom, just ask!

Our staff at Northstar is a team of people – we understand daily life, and we understand the decisions, budgets, questions, and fears that each homeowner experiences along their home building journey. Because of this understanding, we have broadened our scope to cater to the greater public by introducing two series of homes – the Platinum Series, and the Classic Series. Our Platinum Series is our premium line that includes all of the extras and accentuates our focus on style and customization, while our Classic Series is our second line that fits a smaller budget without compromising quality or structural values.


Our Vision is to:

Be the ‘Easy to deal with’, Industry Leading, Modular Building manufacturer that is continually improving.

And our Mission statement is:

Set the standard in our industry, elevate our employees and create lasting relationships in a hardworking, family spirit of the highest ethics.

And our Values are:

(T) We’re a Team of spirited hard workers.
(I) We Innovate to grow.
(M) We Make a difference.
(B) We Believe in what we do.
(E) We make things Easy for our customers.
(R) We show Respect to one another.


Build a Northstar Systembuilt home and rest assured you are making a lasting investment.

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Are you thinking....What is the benefit of Modular Construction? How does it compare with traditional stick-built construction? Can Northstar build a home exactly the way I want it? Ponder no more...we have answers. Our friendly sales staff will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible!

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