Where Humor & Hard Work
Go Hand in Hand

Northstar Systembuilt is a workplace where humor and hard work go hand in hand.

Staff share the passion for the company through being included in business development and planning. Our core values attract staff that truly desire to make a difference. Our team enjoys a well organized structure but are still given the latitude to operate autonomously without the burdens of a hierarchy - in plain English, we work together and we have fun!

Modular Home Delivery
Howard Scott Headshot

Howard Scott

William Scott Headshot

William Scott

Operations Manager
Lawrence Scott Headshot

Lawrence Scott

Sales & Marketing Manager
Ben Tuffin Headshot

Ben Tuffin

Purchasing Manager
Cindy Barse Copy

Cindy Barse

HR, Payroll & Office Administrator
Carlos Nunez Headshot

Carlos Nunez

Production Manger - Redwood Falls
Mike Huntley Copy

Mike Huntley

Plant Manager - Watertown
Deb Rohlik

Deb Rohlik


Alexa Paskewitz

Ocearna Scott

Ocearna Scott


Erin Raveling

Marketing Coordinator
Clayton Haley Headshot

Clayton Haley

Order Processing Manager
Micah Baune Headshot

Micah Baune

Dealer Sales
Victoria Edwards

Victoria Edwards

Sales Support
Wesley Bowyer Headshot

Wesley Bowyer

Inventory & Kitting Manager
Amy Cody Copy

Amy Cody

Procurement & Inventory Manager - Watertown
Randy Schmidt Headshot

Randy Schmidt

Pre Construction Manager
Heather Glasscock

Heather Glasscock

Drafting Manager
Steve Chaski

Steve Chaski

Design & Drafting

Michele Locke

Design & Drafting
Bridget Seidell

Bridget Seidell

Design & Drafting
Julie Millman

Julie Millman

Design & Drafting
Mikaela Welch Headshot

Mikaela Welch

Design & Drafting

Heather Duneman

Drafter / BIM Specialist
Jeff Abrahamson

Jeff Abrahamson

Kitting & Receiving
Ricardo Nunez Headshot

Ricardo Nunez

Production Supervisor
Travis Symington

Travis Symington

Jason Schacher

Jason Schacher

Kelli Symington

Kelli Symington

Amanda Johanneck Headshot

Amanda Johanneck

Admin Manager/ QC Administrator
Luke Ostgaard Headshot

Luke Ostgaard

Assistant Production Manager
Phil Ludewig Headshot

Phil Ludewig

Production Supervisor
Ryan Wilkinson Headshot

Ryan Wilkinson

QC Inspector

Dakota Scott

Customer Service
John Roiger Headshot

John Roiger

Onsite Service
Kim Jahnke Headshot

Kim Jahnke

Onsite Service

Woody Hochstetler

Onsite Service

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