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Northstar gives you the chance to create the custom quality home you have always envisioned!

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Northstar Systembuilt

The name itself speaks of our passion for building in a systematic, controlled environment while being broadminded in our approach to customizing each individual project to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Outside the box

Build a Northstar Systembuilt home and rest assured you are making a lasting investment.
Build a Northstar Systembuilt home and rest assured you are making a lasting investment.

Our team literally thinks “outside the box”, allowing us to take basic plans and create custom homes with curb appeal and without a hint of being built off site. We pinpoint two specific interests of each homeowner – quality and customization – and build both points into every project.

Platinum Series

This is our premium line that includes all of the extras and accentuates our focus on style and customization. A beautiful choice for the home of your dreams!

Classic Series

Our Classic Series is our second line of homes that fits a smaller budget without compromising quality or structural values. A perfect choice for a simple but beautiful home!

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    We have been dealing with Northstar Systembuilt for a number of years now and have found their quality to be exceptional.  They are to customize more than any other manufacturer that we offer which makes them a great choice for our clientele.  Not only does Northstar listen to requests but they expand on our clients ideas and give a couple of options. The fact that they are always in a position to listen makes them a great company to deal with.  At Northstar you don’t hear ‘that’s a stock standard house and that’s all we can do’.  They have extensive options and are happy to customize until our clients have a home of their dreams.

    Bill W. – Homes of Harmony – ROCHESTER, MN

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    We purchased a Northstar Systembuilt home two years ago. Having previous experience in both remodeling a home and building a home traditionally, I can say the experience of building a home with Northstar was far superior.  The services they offered beginning with designing a blueprint to fit our needs, finish and design choices, and even an offer to come to the factory to see our home being built made us feel like we were a part of the process from beginning to end.  It was such a quick process, too. It was only a matter of months from concept to the final product.  Several engineers in my family have seen our home and commented on the quality of the building. Other people seeing it for the first time have inquired about our builder. I can confidently recommend Northstar to build any home.

    Cathy J. – ZUMBROTA, MN

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    In September 2016 our Northstar Systembuilt home was delivered.  Our home was built in Redwood Falls, MN. After comparing Northstar with three other dealers it became very apparent that Northstar was built with the highest quality.  They customize and draft multiple plans to fit the needs of the individual customer. Other dealers were reluctant or not able to customize to our needs.  Both Lawrence and William, owners of Northstar were always in a position to listen to our ideas and provide a wealth of answers in all areas of the process.  Their entire team is extremely knowledgeable about choices and options.  They made the purchase of our home an enjoyable experience, personable and as promised. We had the opportunity to travel to Redwood Falls, MN to the plant to see our house being built.  We had a personal tour, met a team of professional workers, and saw how clean and organized the plant was.  The exceptional customer service and quality provided by Northstar exceeded our expectations.  Lawrence and William were a pleasure to work with and patiently answered all our questions to our satisfaction. Remember, the biggest purchase you make in a lifetime is your home.  Northstar homes are worth every penny.  If you are serious about quality and customer service, contact Lawrence or William to arrange a scheduled a tour of our home.

    S. Bartz – HAYWARD, WI

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    Deciding to work with Northstar is one of the best decisions we have made. The attention to detail and professionalism is hard to find. You build a great product and care about the people you work with.

    Cayttie H. – Kopper Creek – MINOT, ND

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    My search for a home started when I relocated to SW Minnesota….In the winter! I never thought building a home was even an option, not only cost concerns but turnaround time! We set up an obligation free consultation with Northstar, it was warm and welcoming. They invested countless hours into making my home a reality. There were no “here are your options, now choose one” it was what do you want or how can I get it done for you? I got my dream home and my Cambria countertops by working through Northstar and their local dealer, Factory Home Center. I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Northstar. Thank you so much.

    Jody G. – WABASSO, MN

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    It is too beautiful for words. I’m not kidding…I had a dream for this house, and it far exceeds anything I could have imagined. The craftsmanship overall is so gorgeous. Your recommendations and expertise were invaluable. I could not be happier with the look of the interior and the exterior. I know we had some bumps in the road along the way, but the end result was worth it and this is a project that everyone can be really proud of. All I had was an idea on paper and you guys brought it to life. I am eternally grateful.

    Terry R. – NORTHFIELD, MN

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    My home-building experience was quite satisfying and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  I loved having the ability to customize the things I wanted in order to make the home what my husband and I wished for.

    Everyone was very accommodating and the communication between ourselves, the dealer and Northstar was smooth and reassuring.  We are happily living in the home we dreamed of!


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