Can I purchase factory direct or get a price quote on your website?

Northstar does not retail directly to the general public, but has an exclusive dealer network located throughout the Midwest to the foothills of the Rockies. Many of our dealers have model home(s) on their lot for viewing, a selection center with the color options displayed and much more! Combining their experience and your vision will enable you to work together to create the home of your dreams!

Where can I get a list of options available for a home?

All of our standard and upgrade options are shown on our website, in our catalogs, and most of our dealers have a selection center in their model home. Remember, we are passionate about customization, so if you have something specific you would like used in your home, just ask – 99 times out of 100 our answer will be “Yes, no problem!”

Where can I go to view a model in person?

Many of our dealers have model homes on their lot, and our factory is open to tours if you would like to view the production process first-hand. Contact us to find your nearest dealer with a model home for viewing.

What are the benefits of a Modular Home versus a “Stick-Built” Home?

Here are a few major advantages of building modular vs stick-built. See also our Modular vs Others page for further details and differences.

  • Simple, fast, and enjoyable experience. Modular home construction is quick and efficient, saving you the ongoing stresses of building on-site. All the “best price” research has already been done for you.
  • More affordable. Northstar homes are more affordable than traditional site-built homes thanks to factory efficiencies and years of experience. That said, we are still focused on quality homes customized to each individual.
  • Fixed price guarantee. You contract the price for your home, and are guaranteed that price unless you direct a change order. The price is the price.
  • Built solid. Each home exceeds required building codes and is inspected by our quality control team for structural integrity before leaving the factory. Modular homes are “over built” in order to be strong enough for truck transport to the job site.
  • Built away from the elements. Imagine what it would mean to the cost and quality of your next car if it were assembled in your driveway often in rainy or snowy conditions. Your home is built indoors so it is never exposed to the elements, or is susceptible to weather-related delays. Before your home leaves the factory, it is sealed up tight to avoid moisture or warping problems in the future.

Can I custom design a home?

Yes! We are open to ideas – if you have a plan you have drawn up or found on another website, we want to see it! Our drafting team will customize the plan using our design software and make any changes you request in order to develop your plan exactly as you want it.

Do you build two-story homes?

Yes – we offer split-level and two story plans and are open to look at any plan you submit.

How long does a modular home take to build?

The typical time frame for the construction of the modular portion of a home is 8-10 weeks. (which is usually about the same time it takes to get permits and install a foundation on site)

What is the average cost of your homes?

‘Approximate sq ft’ prices that people quote can be very misleading. It is best to discuss your entire project with a dealer to get a better estimate of your project cost. Often the ‘Modular Home’ part is only about half of the total project cost. (Need to consider expenses like: Wells, Septic systems, Dirt work, Tree removal, Driveways, Crane requirements, Heating/Cooling completion on site, etc.)

Can you build from plans other than your own?

Absolutely. We are open to thinking outside the box, and are willing to look at any plan you have in mind, whether it be a hand sketch, a plan from another site, or just something in your mind you would like us to design.

Are modular homes energy efficient?

Yes, modular home are built to high energy standards.

How do I buy a Northstar home?

There are 7 easy steps to get your project underway:

  • Step 1 – Plan your dream home…
    • Choose a plan from our website, customize it or draw your own plan. We don’t just sell you a standard plan – they are only a starting point. We’ll customize our plans to fulfill your dreams. Show the plan to your dealer and they will take it from there.
  • Step 2 – Plan Review
    • The dealer will submit the plan to Northstar and our professional design team will draw a preliminary plan and a 3D render of your home. The dealer will pass this on to you, and from there you can review, make changes and customize to your heart’s desire.
  • Step 3 – Quoting Process
    • Once you are happy with your plan and have chosen all of the upgrades you wish to include (i.e. decorative stone on the front of the home, solid poplar doors, etc…) Northstar will provide the dealer with a detailed quote that will be presented to you along with the dealer's quote for on-site work to set the home.
  • Step 4 – Push the Go Button! Sign off on the Contract
    • Once you are happy with the contract, it is time to sign off the acceptance and pay the deposit to the dealer…don’t delay!
  • Step 5 – Choose your Colors
    • Now is the time to make your color choices! Take a look at our vast range of selections at the dealer location – it is best not to decide just from looking at our brochure or website. We’ve tried our hardest to represent the product colors accurately, but a printed or web version usually doesn’t do the product justice.
  • Step 6 – Over to us for preparation of construction plans
    • Once you have made all your choices, we document them into our construction plans. This means everyone has now finalized all options and choices and your project is now ready for construction!
  • Step 7 – Sit back and relax, your project is underway
    • Now that everything is in place, you can sit back and relax knowing that Northstar Systembuilt will deliver your dream. Your dealer will keep you informed as to how your project is progressing and exactly when it will be finished.

Can your homes be placed on a basement?

Yes, all our home plans can be set on a basement or crawl space foundation. We cannot, however, place our homes on a slab on grade foundation, due to running all our plumbing, electrical and mechanical through the floor system.

What states do you deal with?

MN, IA, ND, SD, WI, NE, MT, CO, KS, and WY

What codes do you build to?

We build to the relevant codes for the following states: MN, IA, ND, SD, WI, NE, MT, CO, KS, WY and MO.

Do you build HUD homes?

No, at Northstar we only build Modular homes. Some manufacturers build to both HUD and Modular codes which often results in a lesser quality product, as some of the same components and building practices are used when building both the HUD and Modular homes.

How long is the warranty period?

Product Warranty

  • The customer is given specific legal rights that may vary from state to state. Each customer is encouraged to refer to his or her specific rights. Refer to Minnesota State Statute 327A. Each building fabricated is warranted to the original purchaser for one year from date of retail delivery by the company. The company reserves the right of deciding the appropriate correction of any defect as per all applicable codes. All construction methods comply with the applicable codes approved herein at the time of fabrication. Repair, adjustment or replacement of any defective items manufactured at the plant facility, will be provided free of charge. Non-warranted items excluded.

Conditions of Warranty

  • All claims must be submitted in writing to their Dealer. Dealer must be allowed reasonable time to investigate claim. Claims must include; home owner’s name, address, serial number, date of purchase, and full claim description. All work to correct claim by dealer, must have the manufacturer’s approval. Items having their own warranties shall apply. Extensions of warranty will be made by the company as required by state laws. Such warranties will be included in shipping packet. Dealer is solely responsible for any claims, or contracts they make.

Exclusions to Warranty

  • Any wall or floor issues at the mating line of the modular pieces subject to or due to on-site work.
  • Damaged exterior finishes caused by carelessness of on-site workers.
  • Damages or losses due to shipping/transportation incidents/conditions (i.e. water damage, theft, etc.).
  • Any damage caused by compromising the structural stability of the structure (i.e. cutting through the center rim joists).
  • Any damage caused by inadequate ventilation system (i.e. not installing an air exchanger).
  • Damage caused by altering factory-installed items or not complying to any/all applicable building code items, either factory installed or on-site.
  • Any damage or loss caused by theft, vandalism, or abnormal weather conditions including but not limited to; rain storms, flooding, hail, snowstorms, fires, wind storms, tornadoes, or any act of God.

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