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Come and check out our factory – it’s fascinating, especially with your own home on the production line! Request a factory tour using the form below.

Northstar manufactures using a moving production line. Every building moves through 8 ‘Stations’ within our factory. Each ‘Station’ has all of the tools and materials required for the trades to do their portion of the work before it moves on to the next ‘Station’. The 8 Steps of the process are:

Floor Frame Assembly, Decking & Rough Plumbing
Wall Frame Assembly & Wall Set
Roof Assembly, Roof Set & Electrical
Back Panel & Drywall Set
Texture, Paint & Insulate
Exterior Sheathing, Siding & Shingles
Cabinetry, Doors, Final Plumbing & Interior Fit-Out
Cleaning, Ship Loose & Close-Up
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Are you thinking....What will my home look like while it is going through the factory? How will it compare with traditional stick-built construction? Ponder no more...we have answers. Request a factory tour and we will gladly arrange a time to personally show you.

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