Our team in the Northstar factory use a combination of skill, passion and hard work to transform your dream into your home. Using Lean manufacturing techniques, we build each home totally under cover in our environmentally controlled plant. As you will see in this gallery of construction photos, this is a real working factory. Browse through these photos and please come back here again as we will be adding more of them and will add videos too in due course. Even better, click here to take you to the page to request a factory tour. Please come and visit us so you can experience the action for yourselves and see what can make a Northstar home the product of your dreams.

Happy Searching

If you don't find a floor plan that you like, contact us with your ideas - we are here to build your dream home exactly as you want it! Just as artists use talent to transform a blank canvas into a work of their own, our team at Northstar uses a combination of skill and passion to transform a floor plan into the home of your dreams....

Custom Floor Plans
We are looking for Team Members to join our great team.Click here to view positions available.