Exterior Siding


There is quite truly no end to the options we can provide for your new home. We will go to all lengths to customize your home to ensure it exceeds your every dream.

Below are the Exterior Finishes that we provide:


Standard Classic Vinyl SidingSiding Options Named

CertainTeed Encore ™ Double 4” Woodgrain Clapboard

  • 7/16” panel projection
  • .040” thickness
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Standard Platinum Vinyl Siding

CertainTeed Wolverine American Legend ™ Double 4” Woodgrain Clapboard

  • 9/16” panel projection
  • .042” thickness
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Standard Platinum & Classic Vinyl Siding Color Options

  • Colonial-White

    Colonial White

  • Autumn-Yellow

    Autumn Yellow

    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Heritage-Cream

    Heritage Cream

  • Buckskin


  • Light-Maple

    Light Maple

  • Savannah-Wicker

    Savannah Wicker

  • Natural-Clay

    Natural Clay

  • Desert-Tan

    Desert Tan

  • Sandstone-Beige

    Sandstone Beige

    (Not Available in American Legend .042" Siding)
  • Herringbone-1


  • Warm-Sand

    Warm Sand

  • Cypress


  • Seagrass


  • Oxford-Blue

    Oxford Blue

  • Sterling-Gray

    Sterling Gray

    (Not Available in American Legend .042" Siding)
  • Castle-Stone

    Castle Stone

    (Not Available in American Legend .042" Siding)
  • Granite-Gray

    Granite Gray

    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Charcoal-Gray

    Charcoal Gray

    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Flagstone


    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Forest


    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Spruce


    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Hearthstone


    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
  • Autumn-Red

    Autumn Red

    (Not Available in Encore .040" Siding)
LP SmartSide Upgrade Siding Options

LP® SmartSide® products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. The SmartGuard® manufacturing process actually improves upon nature, creating products that are engineered for strength, performance and protection against fungal decay and termites.

LP® SmartSide® products have a Limited 50-year Substrate Warranty. They are pre-finished with a SoPro (Solid Color Professional Finish) that is a highly-durable and flexible formula that provides excellent protection to siding. SoPro is 100% acrylic latex that is guaranteed not to crack, flake, peel, or blister, even in extreme heat or during freeze and thaw cycles. In addition, it will protect siding from water damage, moisture from snow and ice, UV rays and stains caused by mildew on the coating’s surface. SoPro is backed by a limited 25 year warranty!


LP SmartSide Upgrade Siding Colors

  • LP-Eiffel-Tower

    Solid Series - Eiffel Tower

  • LP-Seal

    Solid Series - Seal

  • LP-Bronze

    Solid Series - Bronze

  • LP-Cinnabar

    Solid Series - Cinnabar

  • LP-Oyster-Shell

    Solid Series - Oystershell

  • LP-White

    Solid Series - White

  • LP-Dark-Slate

    Solid Series - Dark Slate

  • LP-Pelican

    Solid Series - Pelican

  • LP-Khaki-Brown

    Solid Series - Khaki Brown

  • LP-Cape-Cod-Gray

    Solid Series - Cape Cod Gray

  • LP-Yellow-Pine

    Natural Wood Series - Yellow Pine

  • LP-Chestnut

    Natural Wood Series - Chestnut

  • LP-Teak

    Natural Wood Series - Teak

  • LP-Sequoia

    Natural Wood Series - Sequoia

Exterior Upgrade Options
  1. Vinyl Shakes: 7” Straight edge rough split shakes with deep tapered shingle gaps for a beautiful, distinctive look.
  2. Versetta Stone: For an authentic stone look you can’t get better value for money than Versetta Stone.
  3. Wide window and door trims (Select any LP Smartside Color)

Upgrade Exterior Options

Upgrade Vinyl Shakes

  • Savannah-Wicker

    Savannah Wicker

  • Natural-Clay

    Natural Clay

  • Sable-Brown

    Sable Brown

  • Flagstone


Upgrade Versetta Stone Colors

  • Graphite


  • Mission-Point

    Mission Point

  • Plum-Creek

    Plum Creek

  • Sterling


Inspire, Dream, Imagine

You know when you drive through those stunning ritzy neighborhoods, you see amazing houses and you dream of what your new home is going to look like? We have 100's of photos on our website for you to browse! Check out our work without leaving the comfort of your home! Imagine what you would like your home to be like, and get inspiration from our photos....we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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