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Northstar Systembuilt

With the ever-increasing desire of the new home owner to build their dream home “just a little bit better”, we’ve been inspired to think outside the box. We are passionate about providing exactly what each customer wants, and exceeding expectations every time.

While the traditional modular home building manufacturers have a set of codes to follow, inspection systems in place, and the desire to build a solid home for their customers, a lot of them are stuck with building specifically to their set of plans – we have taken a step above that thought process. While we follow the same principles, we love to be different. If you have an idea, a napkin sketched plan, a vision of your home, or even a plan from another website, we want to see it!

Happy Searching

If you don't find a floor plan that you like, contact us with your ideas - we are here to build your dream home exactly as you want it! Just as artists use talent to transform a blank canvas into a work of their own, our team at Northstar uses a combination of skill and passion to transform a floor plan into the home of your dreams.... Click the button below to start your journey towards a custom designed home.

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