Here you have it – our range of standard plans to browse through to get your imagination into action. Is this all we can do? Of course not – these are merely a starting point! Find a design for us to start from and we can customize it exactly to your needs. We can stretch them, shrink them, mirror them, add to them…yes anything! We don’t stop until you’re convinced we have designed the dream house that you have always wanted!

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  • The Rambler/Ranch architectural style is like jazz and great cheeseburgers – it’s an art form unique to America. These houses can be considered a sub-type of modern-style architecture, which embraces open spaces and the connection between indoor and outdoor living. They are synonymous with laid-back living and a comfortable “family neighborhood” atmosphere – it’s hard to picture a rambler without a backyard grill, isn’t it?

  • Next time you play monopoly, take a look at the little green house you put down at Park Place. With its steep roof, central chimney and rectangular shape, the game piece is a good, albeit tiny example of a classic Cape Cod home. Although this architectural style is often pictured as belonging tucked in amongst sand dunes and sea grass, Cape Cods are spreading inland with the addition of a few contemporary tweaks to the interior layout and the exterior curb appeal. The warm pastel color palate and crisp white wainscoting and trim common to Cape Cod interiors give this home style a comforting, peaceful atmosphere.

  • Bring on the bold! Two story architecture just breathes family – Christmas dinner in the spacious dining area, guests filling the bedrooms upstairs, and kids spilling out into the yard. This home style is awesome for minimizing your house footprint and maximizing your outdoor living area. So many design styles fit the adaptable two story build, from a contemporary look to a French-country aura and everything in between. Anyone can build a two story and totally make it their own!

  • The Split Level is an original home style that represents a significant time in the history of North American housing, the postwar building boom. In a nutshell, Split Level architecture is innovative modern design wrapped in a Rambler/Ranch style build, and blends the classic and contemporary designs of Middle America. Take a look around next time you go for your Sunday afternoon drive – almost every neighborhood in larger cities boasts a Split Level home of some design!

  • Who doesn’t agree that two is better than one? The general reputation of multi-family homes being for the lower class is erased with one look at our functional, open, welcoming plan that speaks quality from every angle. Each dwelling includes a cozy lounge, a combined kitchen/dining area, a main laundry and bath, and 3 equal-size bedrooms. Enjoy the convenience of both a front and side door entrance, as well as garage entry – you can’t go wrong with a house that feels like a single residence with an extra-close relationship with the neighbors!

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