Modular Explained

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“Why should I build modular – what’s in it for me?”

“What is better about modular versus stick built or manufactured homes?”

“Can you build my floor plan using your modular construction system?”

These are all common questions of people starting a home building journey – and we’re glad you asked! Nothing builds confidence like confidence itself, and we understand that building your dream home has a lot of different decisions to be made. We want to make your decision easier, and give you the confidence that we have in building using our modular system for a fully customized, solid, “just as you pictured it” end result – your dream home.

Browse through our ‘Why Modular’, ‘Modular vs Others’ and ‘FAQ’ pages to have your questions answered.

Visit the Modular Home Builders Association website for more information. 

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Are you thinking....What is the benefit of Modular Construction? How does it compare with traditional stick-built construction? Can Northstar build a home exactly the way I want it? Ponder no more...we have answers. Our friendly sales staff will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible!

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