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It’s hard to express our satisfaction without writing a book! From our factory tour to the day our home arrived in town we have been nothing but satisfied. Our home is so well built and solid that you would never guess it wasn’t a stick built home. When designing our home, William and Larry were great – they thought of some details and enhancements that made our project look better and go smoother. For example, finding out what size bed we had so they could space our bedroom windows appropriately, and finding upgrades that we had our hearts set on that they normally didn’t carry, like a deep kitchen sink and log railing around our basement stairs. Of course every project has a couple of hiccups, however Joel rectified these promptly and with great communication. We researched having our house built on our land directly but quickly found that trying to organize and get all the trades to quote and commit was very frustrating. We turned to exploring modular homes and looked at quite a few manufacturers and concluded that NorthStar Systembuilt appeared to have the best product and value….and we were not disappointed! When everything shows up on delivery day complete and ready to go with great craftsmanship, how can you go wrong? We strongly recommend NorthStar Systembuilt – you will not be disappointed!

Karen – Ladysmith, WI

I am the office sales person, I just finished the final clean on our newest project at Mt. Ayr, Iowa & I have to say this is one of the nicest home projects we have done! Thank you Northstar System Built!

Carmen M. – Stromax Construction – Winterset, IA

They are always helpful and polite. They build the best quality product that we have encountered in our 14 years in business, bar none. They take customer service very seriously and try to satisfy every issue to the absolute best of their ability.

Dave T. – Avenue of Homes – Charles City, IA

We were thrilled with the progress of our home. We really love everything we picked out. Also wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed watching your employees work on our house, none of them were bothered by us interrupting their work. They all took great pride in doing awesome work! Everyone seemed to love what they do! What a great place to work.

Julie B. – Rochester, MN

Very friendly and pleasant first of all but most importantly professional and stand behind their work. They do what it takes to make any outstanding issue right!!

Patti P. – Wolcott, CO

We are currently having our new home built by Northstar Building Systems, and took the opportunity to see OUR house being built inside their plant. The house looks GREAT, and we’re quite excited for the finished home. We viewed a number of different construction phases that were in progress, and were very impressed with the ingenuity and detail used throughout in creating our home. But what REALLY IMPRESSED US THE MOST WERE THE PEOPLE! From the representative who gave us the tour, to those individuals on the construction floor, ALL were extremely proud of their work, professionals who offered us smiles, and certainly willing to talk and share their contribution efforts towards our new home. Why do I write this in my review? In my experience, when people are comfortable and happy, they simply do a BETTER JOB! Kudos to Northstar Building System team that is doing it right!


We have been dealing with Northstar Systembuilt for a number of years now and have found their quality to be exceptional.  They are to customize more than any other manufacturer that we offer which makes them a great choice for our clientele.  Not only does Northstar listen to requests but they expand on our clients ideas and give a couple of options. The fact that they are always in a position to listen makes them a great company to deal with.  At Northstar you don’t hear ‘that’s a stock standard house and that’s all we can do’.  They have extensive options and are happy to customize until our clients have a home of their dreams.

Bill W. – Homes of Harmony – ROCHESTER, MN

We purchased a Northstar Systembuilt home two years ago. Having previous experience in both remodeling a home and building a home traditionally, I can say the experience of building a home with Northstar was far superior.  The services they offered beginning with designing a blueprint to fit our needs, finish and design choices, and even an offer to come to the factory to see our home being built made us feel like we were a part of the process from beginning to end.  It was such a quick process, too. It was only a matter of months from concept to the final product.  Several engineers in my family have seen our home and commented on the quality of the building. Other people seeing it for the first time have inquired about our builder. I can confidently recommend Northstar to build any home.


I just wanted to tell you that it is a pleasure to sell your product. I am grateful for your taste and style when selecting the options you offer. The new tile choices look wonderful!

Cayttie H. – Kopper Creek – MINOT, ND

In September 2016 our Northstar Systembuilt home was delivered.  Our home was built in Redwood Falls, MN. After comparing Northstar with three other dealers it became very apparent that Northstar was built with the highest quality.  They customize and draft multiple plans to fit the needs of the individual customer. Other dealers were reluctant or not able to customize to our needs.  Both Lawrence and William, owners of Northstar were always in a position to listen to our ideas and provide a wealth of answers in all areas of the process.  Their entire team is extremely knowledgeable about choices and options.  They made the purchase of our home an enjoyable experience, personable and as promised. We had the opportunity to travel to Redwood Falls, MN to the plant to see our house being built.  We had a personal tour, met a team of professional workers, and saw how clean and organized the plant was.  The exceptional customer service and quality provided by Northstar exceeded our expectations.  Lawrence and William were a pleasure to work with and patiently answered all our questions to our satisfaction. Remember, the biggest purchase you make in a lifetime is your home.  Northstar homes are worth every penny.  If you are serious about quality and customer service, contact Lawrence or William to arrange a scheduled a tour of our home.

S. Bartz – HAYWARD, WI

Deciding to work with Northstar is one of the best decisions we have made. The attention to detail and professionalism is hard to find. You build a great product and care about the people you work with.

Cayttie H. – Kopper Creek – MINOT, ND

My home-building experience was quite satisfying and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  I loved having the ability to customize the things I wanted in order to make the home what my husband and I wished for.

Everyone was very accommodating and the communication between ourselves, the dealer and Northstar was smooth and reassuring.  We are happily living in the home we dreamed of!


My search for a home started when I relocated to SW Minnesota….In the winter! I never thought building a home was even an option, not only cost concerns but turnaround time! We set up an obligation free consultation with Northstar, it was warm and welcoming. They invested countless hours into making my home a reality. There were no “here are your options, now choose one” it was what do you want or how can I get it done for you? I got my dream home and my Cambria countertops by working through Northstar and their local dealer, Factory Home Center. I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Northstar. Thank you so much.


It is too beautiful for words. I’m not kidding…I had a dream for this house, and it far exceeds anything I could have imagined. The craftsmanship overall is so gorgeous. Your recommendations and expertise were invaluable. I could not be happier with the look of the interior and the exterior. I know we had some bumps in the road along the way, but the end result was worth it and this is a project that everyone can be really proud of. All I had was an idea on paper and you guys brought it to life. I am eternally grateful.


Northstar stepped in and helped us through an emergency situation! We were hit by a tornado in July of 2011 which resulted in the back portion of our house being ruined, Northstar was amazing in helping us come up with an addition that tied in with our existing structure, and they worked so quickly from start to finish. I love how custom they are – the addition included a new living room, and they were more than happy to design a space to move our gas fireplace from the old living room to the new. They also used a patio door that we already had – so flexible in making this cost effective for us, we can’t thank them enough! I recommend them and their friendly staff and quality building ANY DAY! And again, THANK YOU, NORTHSTAR!!


Working with Northstar Systembuilt as a trade partner was a seamless process from start to finish. I personally went to tour their operation and in that process I came to realize something that rang through in all my dealings with Northstar, they exemplify the saying “under-promise and over-deliver”. We have since worked together on other projects.

Lee N. – Mindak Construction – MN

We’ve enjoyed living in our Northstar built home for nine years now! We are the second owners. Our home was built in the year 2000. When we bought it in 2007 the bay window was sagging and we called the company and they came out and fixed it for free! No trouble since. Talk about great service! If I were to build a new house – Northstar Systembuilt would be the way to go! Besides, there is way more options to choose from today than 16 years ago!

Monica P. – VESTA, MN

Our customers love that Northstar homes are completely customizable with so many options and finishes to choose from. The Platinum and Classic Series give our customers the opportunity to create their custom dream home. The fact that the homes are built locally in Redwood Falls, MN makes Northstar easy to contact and communicate with. Northstar’s friendly and knowledgeable staff makes them a pleasure to deal with.

Traci M. – Factory Home Center – PAYNESVILLE, MN

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